Christine Chanel
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About A GIRl


Christine Chanel is an American soul, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in Westchester, NY. Her musical style ranges from rhythm, blues and pop to funk and jazz.  A vocal powerhouse with resonant hooks and emotionally charged lyrics, Chanel has captivated audiences in a commanding way.  Since making appearances at the 2018 Pleasantville Music Festival and various NYC venues, such as the Bitter End and Rockwood Music Hall, she founded her dynamic backing band, The Roster.  With their help, she completed her latest single, “Take It Away,” which is expected to release in March 2019.

the roster

True to its name, “The Roster” is a band of talented musicians assembled by Chanel for her live shows.  They are a diverse pool of young artists with eclectic styles and varying musical tastes that lend to bringing her songs to life.