Letting the Music Speak for Itself

Dear Fans,

What a roller coaster ride this past year has been! I’m not quite sure where to begin. New music, new band… and a whole new brand! All I can say is that I am grateful for the tremendous amount of love and support I have received from my fans. You all have made the endless hours writing, recording and hustling in NYC worth it.

I catch myself thinking about the future and I truly couldn’t be more stoked. I’ve been immensely blessed by each and every opportunity that has come my way on this musical journey. Most importantly, I have surrounded myself with a team of individuals who back me musically, spiritually and emotionally. I wholeheartedly cannot thank them enough. Stay tuned for more about show dates and the single release of my new song, “Take it Away.” Time to let the music speak for itself!

xoxo Christine Chanel

Christine Locke